Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Update time!!

And my room is still in that state of mess 4 weeks later
 after being painted
Surely it hasn't been nearly 4 months since I last posted?! The time does fly when there's loads happening, huge apologies for those patiently waiting for me to post again. I've been busy with Premier Leagues, qualifying all the horses for regionals, increasing my teaching, and excitingly now have a boyfriend to throw into the mix of it all! Oh and I even managed to paint my room amongst all this... it's not finished yet, but my creative outburst is over and I don't have time anymore.

There's a few things I want to write about but I will separate them into different posts and leave this one as a quick recap so you guys can catch up with whats happening.

Seb at Addington
I've done 3 Premier Leagues so far: Keysoe, Addington and Wellington. I was meant to go to Somerford but the horses got hit with a bit of a respiratory problem (an upcoming post) so sadly I had to withdraw. I've taken both Seb (PSG/Inter1) and Bertina (6 yr old YH) to them and I really am so proud of them both, and myself for even getting back out there to these bigger competitions without crumbling. Seb has come top 10 in most of his classes, all of which have been super competitive and I feel so privileged just to stand among the placings with some riders that I really respect and admire.

At my first Premier League (Keysoe) in 3 years, it was so daunting to walk into a warm-up ring with all the big-wigs. It really intimidated me on the first day, but I was so angry with myself afterwards that I let it affect my warm-up so on the second day I was able to mostly ignore everyone else and we did a better test. Since then I've been fine warming up with lots of people riding around and watching, so I'm glad that's sorted!

Bertina has really exceeded my expectations with how she's performed at the bigger competitions. It's almost like she knows its important and really steps up to the mark. She's been doing the British National 6 year old class to try and qualify for Hickstead, and this weekend just gone she managed to do it at Wellington! She placed 3rd with 7.6, so now she can come to the Hickstead CDI with Seb and I (yet another blog post to share the news of my international debut for Australia!) to compete in the National final for 6 year old horses.
Bertina at Addington

We also did our first FEI 6 year old test, but for some reason she wouldn't walk. So despite getting our half-passes and flying changes (a bit messy though), we got a rubbish mark because of the walk and therefore general impression as she showed tension. I've got another chance to qualify for the FEI test for Hickstead CDI at Hickstead Premier League at the end of this month, so I'm just going to practise the hell out of the test to get it as good as I can.

Aside from all the Premier Leagues, Chad is qualified for regionals at Elementary/Medium level, Seb is qualified for PSG/Inter 1 level, and Bertina has just a couple more competitions to qualify for Novice/Elementary. She had a slow start because she sliced her coronet band in the paddock so needed 6 weeks off to let it heal.

I'll be back in the next few days with my first proper post so stay tuned :)

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