Monday, February 2, 2015

Great Weekend Despite Disaster with the Lorry!

My weekend started with a disaster on Friday with my lorry. I was heading up to Emile's to pick up Seb to take home to ride him in different arena as a practice for a competition on Thursday - he can get spooky when he hasn't been out somewhere different for a while. As usual, I was in a rush to leave and jumped in the lorry without checking everything was close properly. The one time I forget to check just HAS to be the time that the loading ramp on the side wasn't locked in.

About 5-10 minutes into my journey I heard a bang. I looked around in all my mirrors but didn't pick up on what had happened until the fallen ramp which had been dragging along the road, had smacked into a telegraph pole as I drove past. The force took the ramp clean off and it flew into someones fence!

I was absolutely mortified, and even more embarrassed to have to drive a lorry with a big hole in its side with the destroyed ramp shoved in it. And now the lorry sits in its spot next to the barn with its damage right there for all to see. I have even had the builders make fun of me, yet no one seems terribly surprised that such an incident could happen to none other than myself! So now we are tracking down a temporary lorry to use for a competition this Friday and Regionals at Addington next week!

Thankfully, I had the most amazing Saturday to more than cheer me up. I had a ride-teach-ride-teach system going on, which I found was a lot of fun. I taught mostly new clients which is always exciting because everyone has a story behind their riding passion. Whether it's teaching an 8 year old to get her pony on the bit for the first time, or for someone to feel just a few strides of a movement where they can't help but say "wow" because they got a good feeling, it is the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. I now can hardly believe I was so afraid of teaching, and it goes back to what I said in my "Fear of Failure" post that just as there's a chance of getting it wrong, there's a chance of getting it right. With teaching, the fulfilment of getting it right far outweighs the fear of getting what you're teaching wrong.

Since last weekend I've had a sprained wrist (from none other than playing a spot of squash!!) so have been a little bit useless on the chore side of things around the yard, but on Sunday it felt quite a bit better so took off my bandage and wrist support and gave all the horses a good bath. I got a girl in to clip them as they needed doing but I couldn't hold the clippers, so now they all look gorgeous and shiny with their new clips and glossy clean coats! So satisfying :)

Competitions start again this week so myself and the horses are working hard on general suppleness and way of going to aim for good solid 7's in our tests, nothing too flashy, just correct, soft work. It's all going to plan so far (for once!) and the horses are feeling great so fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself and it stays that way!

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