Saturday, November 8, 2014

What turning 21 does to you

I've been waiting for some inspirational idea to pop into my head and write about, especially as this is one of my first posts, but it wasn't quite happening. Well, at least not in a conventional way. I suppose I'm being proactive in fixing a negative feeling, which can be considered as being inspired, right?

So basically, this happened....

MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! Of course this is an amazing moment, though naturally, it spells P-A-R-T-Y. I'm not a big drinker in general, I prefer to drink wine with good food rather than down shots in clubs, but when I do get to party I think I make up for its general lack of presence. Which is exactly what happened over the last two weekends - two nights of birthday celebrations, then the next weekend was Halloween and the JB Academy ball (Jonathan Bowman's show jumping training scheme which I'm part of).

So I suppose the inspirational part comes in where I literally felt so rubbish that I had a premature mid-life crisis and panicked at the fact am now 21 and an actual adult. I have always put a huge amount of importance on my career and often feel like I'm not getting as far as I want to be, and turning 21 was another one of those wakeup calls. However, the perfectionist in me always refuses to remember how far I've come rather than look at how far I have to go so I do need to remember to not get too stressed about it.

The whole 21 thing has inspired me to be more business-like with the horses though. I do my job because I love spending time with the horses, training, mucking out, cleaning, and taking pride in my yard. But that isn't going to pay the bills. Sure, I save a lot of money by not having a full-time groom because I do many things myself, but in order to progress I need to put my business hat on. It's that stage that some people go through where they move from working under someone else to suddenly being in charge of their own show, and there's a lot to think about! The aim is to make everything more efficient and gain more hours in my day to fill with teaching or paperwork, and free up a little more brain-space to think smarter about the horses training and prepare better for competitions. I definitely feel like sometimes I can't even start to think about plans for the next day let alone the next week because I'm too occupied with getting today done.
Seb and I felt the same about life after the

It definitely has its perks though, being able to run my own yard. I have so much freedom to do things however I like and use all my past experiences of working at other yards to create my ideal workplace. Now that we are more settled in the new property and, of course, I've officially become an "adult", now is the time to make it all official and be super organised. And so, the mission for 21 is to become a businesswoman. Goodness, I stuck with horses so I didn't have to do anything business-ey or office-like. At least I'm doing it to make my own dreams come true though, not someone else's.

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